Friday, October 29, 2010

Duffy is getting ready to celebrate Christmas

It's nearing that time of year.  You know, where we skip right over the fall holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving to jump right into Christmas!  There have been rumblings since the beginning of September.  The leaves are turning, the temperature is cooling...well, in the Northern hemisphere, that is. Still, the thought of Santa & sugar plums have already started dancing in retailer's heads...or at least the dollar signs have!

So, it's no surprise that Duffy the Disney Bear, and his friend Shellie May, are thinking about Christmas too.  Starting on November 1st, Tokyo Disney Resort will transition from Halloween to Christmas with the flick of a switch.  The websites have gotten the holiday makeover, and all of the seasonal offerings are on display.  Duffy and Shellie May are no exception.  So, without further adieu,  here is what those two lovable bears will be doing and wearing this coming holiday season.  Oh, and stick around until the end, because Duffy USA will also have a little holiday offering.

There will apparently not be any limited edition "smiling" Duffy plush, like they've had for the past few years.  Those bears were always dressed with some kind of costume accessory sewn on, and the facial expression had a open "smiling" mouth.  Very cute...however, this year it appears they are not going to sell that version of the bear.  For those looking forward to a "smiling" Shellie May plush, hopefully this isn't too much of a disappointment.

So, in lieu of that, there are two sets of costumes being released this year.  The first is officially part of the "Hello from Cape Cod" series that was started early in 2010.  The packaging should be exactly the same as all of the others in the series, with red, white, & blue themes.  The costumes themselves are very Christmas themed though, check them out.


It will cost 3,800 Yen, and comes with pants, fuzzy vest, scarf, & santa hat.

Here is Shellie May's matching costume:

Hers comes with dress, fuzzy vest, scarf, and poinsettia bow.  It's also 3,800 Yen.

Now, in addition to those two costumes, there will be special Christmas themed ones that are not part of the series.  I imagine the packaging will have holiday colors to match.  Here are those adorable costumes.


This costume set contains a wool peacoat, and a knit scarf and hat.  This set will cost 3,300 Yen.

Here is Shellie May's matching costume:

There are only two pieces in her set, and the price is lower to reflect that.  It will cost 2,500 Yen, and includes a cape and red bow.

I'm very impressed with the quality of all of these costumes, and despite the high price, the craftsmanship is far beyond what Build-a-Bear offers.

Now, in addition to the costumes, there are tons of other Christmas souvenirs you can buy.  Pin plush, bags, cookies, candy, etc.  Here is what will be available.

Duffy & Shellie May "Hello from Cape Cod" Christmas plush straps at 1,300 Yen each.  They are 13cm tall:

Regular Duffy & Shellie May Christmas plush straps, costing 1,500 Yen each, and 17 cm tall.

 Then there are larger, plush bears with zippers on their backs to carry things inside, and they have a carrying strap.  These are 30 cm tall, and cost 2,800 Yen each.  Oh, and they're dressed in the "Hello from Cape Cod" costumes.

Lastly, for the plush stuff, are "face pouches".  Basically, the face of Duffy or Shellie may, turned into a coin purse.  For those that want disembodied bear heads, here you go!  These cost 1,700 Yen each, and are 19 x 22 cm.

Now comes the rest of the assorted gifts for sale.  Lots of cute things!

The obligatory plastic cell phone charm dangles.  Duffy and Shellie May are peeking out of a stocking, and there are small charms attached as well.  These are 1,800 Yen each, and 16 cm long.

Next, we have an adorable Christmas wreath with Duffy's and Shellie May's faces at the top.  It's made of fabric, and is 18 cm diameter, and costs 2,800 Yen.

This year they are also releasing an adorable trinket both with Duffy & Shellie May sitting on the lid holding presents.  It's made of resin, and will cost 2,500 Yen, and measures 8 x 10 cm.

After that, we have a canvas mini-tote bag.  They have been releasing themed versions of this bag since Halloween 2009, and each one is identical in design, but the colors and details are themed to match the holiday.  Last year, the Christmas bag had a red bottom.  This year, it's green, and includes Shellie May in the design.  It's 2,700 yen, and measures 22 x 38 x 18 cm.

Also, another item that gets released every single season is a small towel about the size of a standard washcloth.  This year has a new design that includes Shellie May, and for the first time, an accessory.  A compact mirror.  Both items are inside a gift box that looks like a house.  Very cute packaging!  This set costs 3,500 Yen.  

There will also be a special Shellie May necklace for sale.  There was a Duffy version of this for a few years, and this design appears to match that one.  The Duffy version doesn't seem to be for sale, but for those that already have it, this matches it perfectly.  It comes in a small box made to look like a storybook.  It's expensive at 13,000 Yen.

Next up, we have all of the omiyage, or packaged sweets.  These are what a lot of people buy to bring back as gifts to friends and family.  It's a Japanese tradition to buy things like this to bring back.

Hard candies in a cute tin.  This is 450 Yen.

Then a tin shaped like a house.  it's filled with chocolate candies at 900 Yen.

Finally, a cookie tin at 1,200 Yen.

Now, before I get to the snack food items, like cake & popcorn, there are a couple gift bags they will be selling this year.  However, these are identical to the ones for sale last year.  They do not have Shellie May on them, but they do make great alternatives to wrapping paper.  All you have to do is put a gift inside, pull the ribbons like a drawstring, attach the gift tag, and you're done!

Small gift bag with ribbon & gift tag.  This costs 500 Yen, and is 45 x 30 x 10 cm.

Here is the larger can hold more presents, yay!  It's 600 Yen, and is 59 x 45 x 10 cm.

OK, now we get to the yummy treats you can buy for yourself at Tokyo DisneySea!  Sure, you can give the souvenir plates, cups, & popcorn bucket as gifts too, but why not treat yourself to a holiday snack inside the park!

First, we have the traditional souvenir dessert plate & mug set.  The Duffy versions of these annual offerings started last year for "Sweet Duffy 2009" and have been released for every major holiday celebration since.  This year we get both Duffy and Shellie May versions.  They are very nice looking.  Made of a durable ceramic.  

Souvenir mugs with "salt caramel" mousse.  These are 600 Yen each.

Here are the plates.  These are 700 Yen each, and come with a strawberry custard cake.

Aaaand, finally?  We have another recent tradition...the Duffy popcorn bucket!  The regular one was introduced for the first time during "Sweet Duffy 2010", at the beginning of this year.  Then, during Halloween 2010, a special brown & orange themed one was release.  So, with Christmas, comes another new version of the "lightship basket" design.  It's a soft shade of pink, and has a red molded bow around it, with a "crystal" snowflake detail on the bow.  You can buy it with a strap for an additional cost too.  

The basic bucket (with popcorn) is 2,100 Yen.  

The version with the strap will cost you 3,200 yen, and comes with a light green "leather" strap with Duffy logo.

Well, there you have it!  All of the Duffy and Shellie May Christmas offerings from Tokyo DisneySea. They really did a good job with the theme this year, I think, even if they aren't going to release the special "smiling" plush.  Thank you for sticking with me to the end to preview all of this great stuff.  I told you I would tell you what Duffy was doing to celebrate Christmas at the US Disney parks...well, not nearly as much as he will be doing in Tokyo, but there will be an effort.  

First, there is a special holiday themed Duffy plush that is slightly smaller than the standard one you can dress up.  This 12" Duffy comes with a costume sewn onto him.  He's dressed in a holiday sweater with Santa hat & green gloves.  

Also, according to Duffy's official blog, there might be a costume release for the larger sized Duffy plush that you can dress him in.  They released concept art of that design, and it appears to be similar to the smaller plush, except with boots and a scarf.  I don't know if or when this will be released, but here it is for you to look at.

Alright, that does it for the holiday update, I hope I don't bore you to tears showcasing all of the Duffy merchandise, but I thought it would be a good idea to keep track of these things for those that would like to collect them.

See you next update!


well, it looks like the concept art above was never intended as a separate costume release.  The official Duffy blog updated the information and said that the concept is what turned into the smaller 12" holiday Duffy plush.  So, the scarf & boots were dropped.  Oh well, 

On a slightly different topic, Hong Kong Disneyland will be introducing Duffy this holiday season as well.  He is the centerpiece of their "Sparkling Christmas" celebration this year.  He will debut at the parks in his own photo spot, and you can buy the plush as well.  Here is the official HKDL website with a cute, animated Duffy presenting the festivities.

The interesting thing, is that if you look at what Duffy is wearing, it's exactly the same as the "Hello from Cape Cod" costume from Tokyo DisneySea.  It looks like Hong Kong Disneyland is at least sharing the costume designs from Tokyo.  This is great for those of you who cannot get to TDR, but are close to HKDL.  


  1. I will be surprised if they go through with the boots. I think that was a merchandise designer being wishful.

    The Tokyo version of the costumes, I think are very cute. But I am not sure if I am going to purchase them. But my roommate is very impatient and is wanting his Duffy to have a Christmas costume NOW!

    I am also debating on getting the small Duffy/Shelly resin trinket holder (absolutely adorable)

    And the Aunt Peg's tin is very cute, but it doesn't appear that "Aunt Peg" is on the actual tin. And my mother's name is Peggy and I would only buy it for her.

    Oh how I would love if they made a department 56 light up collection of Cape Cod!!! Now that I would buy in a heart beat!!

  2. Travis, you're right. The official Duffy blog updated the info, and basically, that concept art was what the 12" Duffy turned into. There isn't going to be a separate costume with boots & scarf. Oh well, they got my hopes up for nothing.

  3. Aww my Duffy needs a scarf for those cold night under the A/C vent lol.

  4. I'm still really pissed off that we don't get a Xmas costume here in the states! I like the ones from Tokyo, but I'm not as big of a Xmas fan to get them for around 40 USD plus shipping(with my contact). Oh well. thanks for the info as always! I love your blog! Please keep updating it!