Friday, August 27, 2010

Are you ready for Halloween? Duffy is!

It's that time of year again, where retailers everywhere want you to start thinking cool thoughts and dream about fall leaves while it's still in the throes of summer.  We seem to be getting ready for holidays earlier and earlier.  Although, if you're a retail buyer, you're always a few steps (and seasons) ahead need to predict what people will be buying later in the year.

Anyway, Halloween is fast approaching and Tokyo Disney Resort is going all out this year.  Both parks will be having lavish Halloween festivities.  Tokyo DisneySea will be celebrating it's second official Halloween, and Duffy and Shellie May will be joining in the fun.

To get everyone excited about what's coming, the official websites are splashed with pictures and descriptions of all of the events between both parks.  They also show the special merchandise and food options for Halloween.  I'll be showing you how Duffy and Shellie May will be celebrating the spooky holiday.

First up, we have the next release in the "Hello from Cape Cod" costume series.  
Duffy's costume is actually VERY similar to the one from 2009.  Pretty much only the pants are slightly different.  Both his and Shellie's cost 3,600 Yen.
Here is Duffy's pumpkin costume:

Here is Shellie May's purple pumpkin costume:

There are also Keychain plush for 1,500 Yen each.
Here's what they look like:

Then we have small, plush cell phone straps at 1,300 Yen each.
Here are those:

And, the last of the plush versions, we have zipper pouch versions.  These have a strap to use as a small bag, or hang off of something.  The size is between the size of a regular Duffy, and the keychain size.  About 32cm according to the site.  These cost 2,800 Yen.
Here they are:

Now we get to the other, assorted merchandise.  There is a soft picture frame with plush Duffy & Shellie May heads on it for 2,300 Yen.  This looks cuter than it's not taxidermy!

Next we have a set of hand towels for 1,260 Yen.  These are basically like washcloths.  Very popular items in Japan to carry in your bag, just in case you need to clean up, or wipe something.

There's an adorable mini tote bag with Duffy & Shellie May on it.  They have been creating these for about a year now for each new holiday, and they are all the same design, just different colors.  Here we have a brown & orange Halloween one.  This costs 2,700 Yen.

There is the usual omiyage (gifts for bringing back to family and friends).  Cookie and candy tins with adorable designs.  The chocolate candy tin is 900 Yen, and the cookie tin is 1,000 Yen.



Also, there's an interesting necklace for sale that looks remarkably similar to the one released last year.  In fact, it may be identical.  Still, it's cute if you like things that look like giant candy.  It's a bit on the pricey side at 4,200 Yen, but it does come in a glass jar!

Now we get to the special menu items.  There are no special "Duffy dinners", LOL, but there are 3 very, very cute things for sale that have food in them.  2 Dessert items, and one large popcorn bucket.  

First, the Duffy and Shellie May dessert plate and cup sets.  These have a lovely flavored mousse in the cup, and a tasty cake on the plate.  Apparently you can purchase these without the dessert for a slightly discounted price if you have an aversion to sweets, or have bought so many of these cheap souvenirs that you couldn't possibly eat another dessert!

The mugs cost 600 Yen each, and the plates are 700 Yen.  Here they are in all of their adorableness.  (I couldn't get a picture of the face on the plates, but if you go to the official site, you'll be able to see it).

Shellie May set:

And finally, we have a very special version of the Duffy "lightship basket" popcorn bucket.  It's made to look like a wicker basket popular on Cape Cod.  There is a regular version sold throught the year, but for Halloween we get a nicely themed one with pumpkins & black kitties!  It's kind of expensive though, but also very large.  There are two versions you can buy.  One with plastic handles, and one that has a fabric strap so you can carry it over your shoulder.  The "basic" one is 2,100 Yen, and the one with the strap is 3,200 Yen.

Here is what it looks like:

It's hard to see the details on that picture, but there is a little black kitty on the orange bow knot.  Here is the official website with better, and larger images on it, that cannot be linked to (the photos, I mean).

See, Duffy and Shellie May are already gearing up for Halloween, and they want us to come along and get excited too!  I know I'm looking forward to the festivities.

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