Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Did you know there were "collectible" Duffy "Disney Bears"?

Did you know that Disney has released very limited edition versions of Duffy the Disney Bear?  Well, some of these I didn't even know about until recently.  I've never even seen on in person.  Every year at Walt Disney World's EPCOT Center...yes, I said "center", because, well, I like to.  Anyway, each year they hold a "Teddy Bear & Doll Weekend".  They have been doing it for years, at least since the early 1990's.  After the "Disney Bear" was introduced in 2002, several creative teddy bear artists have made very limited edition version of "Disney Bear".  

For example, did you know there was a Steiff "Disney Bear"?  These two cuties were released in 2005.

Here is the description of the one for general sale:
“Disney Bear”
Margit Richter -- Steiff
$285 (37cm)/ $2500 (60cm)/ $5000 (80cm)
Edition: 1500 / 25 / 5

Description:   "Mickey’s famous silhouette graces this bear’s face and paw pads.  Each Disney Bear comes with a booklet which tells the mythical story behind the origins of this Teddy.  Disney Bear is five-ways jointed, made from tan and blond wavy mohair, and has darling hand embroidered facial features.  He bears a red and white consecutively numbered “Knopf Im Or” tag and golden Steiff button."

There was also this version that was sold only at the auction they held:
Lot 9 Steiff Disney Bear on a Wooden Bench
Margit Richter -- SteiffReserve

Description:    "Mickey Mouse's famous silhouette graces this bear's face and paw pads.  Disney Bear is 20" and is five ways jointed, made from tan and blond wavy mohair, and has darling hand embroidered facial features. He is dressed to the nines in a dapper top hat and custom tailored shirt, vest, and jacket.   He sits upon a completely hand-made 31" wide by 17" high solid wooden bench."

In 2006, Mickey Mouse got to cuddle with his "Disney Bear", made by Steiff:
Mickey Mouse with Disney Bear
 SteiffPrice:  (37cm) $315
$2815 (set of 2)
$7815 (set of 3)

Edition Size:  1500 (37 cm)
20 (60 cm
 set of 2)

5 (80 cm
set of 3)

"Mohair and velvet Mickey Mouse holding miniature version of a mohair “Disney Bear” from the 2005 “Teddy Bear & Doll Weekend.”

Then in 2007 they released a few more from different artists.  For example:

“Teddy Bear Sorcery”

Happy Tymes - Bev White
Artist:  Bev White - Happy Tymes Collectibles Retail Price:  $500
Limited Edition Size:  10
Description:   "The Disney Bear has been a very good student indeed, and seems to have learned Mickey's Sorcerer magic well. However, just like Mickey and his marching broomsticks, the magic seems to have gotten out of control...or has it? He just may have a silly hat trick in store for you. Just look what he did to Mickey!

The 18-inch bear who I've named Waltbear, is made of German mohair, traditionally jointed and constructed with lockline for fun in posing. He has beautiful Austrian cystal eyes and a growler in his tummy. His famous Mickey silhouette trademark is reflected in his own face and ears, hand painted on his leather footpads, and applied as a leather "tatoo" on his sassy little backside."

As well as this...strange little guy:

“Cheeky Duffy”
Merrythought Ltd. / Tide - Rider

Artist:  Merrythought Ltd. / Tide-Rider, Inc.
Retail Price:  $ 249
Limited Edition Size:  115
Description:   "Cheeky Duffy has been created by mixing the famous Disney Bear with Merrythought’s famous Cheeky Bear.  He stands 10” tall, is fully-jointed, handmade in England with mohair, and comes complete with bells in his ears!" 

Minnie Mouse got in on the cuddle action with her own pink "Disney Bear"...this was also made by Steiff:

“Minnie Mouse with Her Disney Bear”

Artist: Claire Steiff Meisel – Steiff NorthAmerica
Retail Price and Limited Edition Size:
$7830 (Set of 3—30cm, 60cm, and 80cm)—LE 5$2830 (Set of 2—30cm and 60cm)—LE 20 $330 (30cm)—LE 1500

Description:  "Minnie Mouse and her preciousDisney Bear are the best of friends, both are hand-made in Germany by the famous Steiff artisans. Disney Bear is a fully jointed pale pink mohair bear. Minnie Mouse is fully-jointed mohair and felt. "

Also, there were a series of "Disney Bears" created that were released during these events that more closely resembled the actual bear Disney was selling in stores at the time.  Although these limited editions were hand made.

Here's one from 2006:

And this one from 2007:

These are from 2008:

So, as you can see, there have been many "one of a kind" hand made "Disney Bears" released over the years.  If you ever went to a "Teddy Bear & Doll Weekend" at EPCOT Center, then maybe you saw some of these...or maybe you even own one!

Also, not to be outdone, Tokyo DisneySea has also released a collectible Duffy bear every holiday season for the past few years.  These are softer and smaller than the traditional stuffed Duffy.  Also, they are jointed and made of mohair.  The color changes from year to year, and each one is sold in a wooden box with glass front so you can easily display your bear without exposing him to the elements.  I can't find pictures of it, but it's different looking than "normal" Duffy.  


  1. Disney makes the most interesting collectibles!

  2. In 2008, I created another mohair edition of (10) magic-costumed bear. He is called "Mr. Magic", a pretty gold mohair fur and holds a 'dancing broom' with a little Mickey clinging to it. See www.happytymes.net, Disney Designs. Cheers, Bev White